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We are beginning a new life in a very rural, mountainous, and little known area of Veracruz, Mexico. We are the only Norte Americanos in our beautiful little adopted town of Teocelo...

Saturday, May 20, 2006


We called my sister and brother-in-law with great excitement about our plans to move to Veracruz before we left. Before we could get too far through our long list of things we liked about the area we had chosen as our new home, my brother-in-law asked "Well... is there a golf course there?". I swelled with pride and announced: "NO there isn't a golf course." I must report that the conversation didn't get too much further than this. :)

Yes, it's different strokes for different folks. Here's what's on OUR list of important things about our new home in Mexico.

Warm, friendly people who invite you in off the street into their homes for a bite to eat and lots of chatting and getting to know each other. The folks here take TIME, to welcome strangers and most importantly FOR EACH OTHER.

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A spectacularly beautiful, natural environment, temperate climate, and captivating little back roads to keep us busy exploring for the rest of our lives.

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Color, color, color everywhere..

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Small modest houses, many showing real pride of ownership. And more wonderful color.

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Buses everywhere -- many are nice ones too. Many folks do not have cars here and ride the bus everywhere. Hallelujah.

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Or they walk. Or they ride a horse or a burro... And how lucky they are NOT to have a car or truck we feel.

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Food is soooo good here and costs about a third (or less) of what it costs in the United States. Of course, we are eating things which were just picked fresh and fully ripened from someone's garden not picked green in another part of the country and shipped long distances. This nice haul below cost only $3.10.

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A fascinating culture and deep religious faith and traditions.

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And so much more...

- jim and mindy


BillieS said...

Glad you have started a blog. Feel like I already know you from Calypso. We are in San Miguel...well currently in Houston as we have sold our house in the USA. We can't wait to return to San Miguel.

2:06 PM

Brenda said...

Hi, glad to hear you are having such a good time.
We are in the process of moving to Guaymas, Sonora after having spent 6 months there last winter.
Actually I believe that we had emailed you last year, after Calypso gave us your email. We were going to stop and spend one night at your place camping on our way to Mexico; but you were either ill or away (I forget). Bad memory.
Will enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your life on the other side of our new country. We also have a blog (it is much more boring than Johns) about our life and adventures. If your interested just click on my name.
Bye for now.
Brenda and Roy from Canada.

11:08 PM

lou said...

Hi Mindy and Jim! Best wishes in your wonderful new place in Teocelo! Some of your pics reminded me of a day I spent in Xico while staying in Veracruz Ciudad last Sept. and October. Lovely countryside!
I'm planning to return to live in Veracruz this summer, and will write you again. Enjoy every beautiful day!
Btw, I'm a woman from Quebec, Canada - just saying because my name is often taken to be a man's name :)

11:55 PM

Jim and Mindy said...

Hi Lou! Get in touch for sure when you hit Veracruz. That's soon now isn't it? Anything we can help with, don't hesitate to get in touch. This is one exciting place. We will be interested to know the things which have attracted you here.

- jim and mindy

8:15 PM

Steve said...

Jim & Mindy - Congrats on the Blog - it looks great! I've been following your progress on and Calypso. It's a great adventure! I'm glad that things are working out so well for you. I think of you often - especially when biking on the west side of the Tucson mountains along Kinney. Good luck! I'll stay in touch. - Steve H

PS - I'm visiting Ken tomorrow in Milwaukee! He's been living Raleigh/Durham and Boston over the past 10 months. Now he's moving back to WI to teach at Marquette this summer.

9:47 PM

Jim and Mindy said...

Dear Cay:

How I wish we had connected two weeks ago! The topic of the availability of land in the area is something we ourselves are just learning about. We are taking our time on this as we want to know so much more about the area first before making such a big decision as buying land even though Teocelo is where we want to be. AND we have to get much more fluent in Spanish and that really takes TIME and is our first priority. We are leaning toward NOT using a realtor but learning of properties through the friends we are beginning to make here. Almost anyone in this area was born here as were their parents and grandparents and great grandparents. They know so much about the area which a realtor may or may not know and who in any case may perhaps not have your best interests at heart. Please write us privately and we can discuss all this in more detail.

- jim and mindy

10:00 AM

Jim and Mindy said...

Steve: It's so good to hear from you! Please send your email address, along with Ken's, as I lost it when my hard drive didn't survive the journey down to Mexico. -jim

8:32 PM


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